Monday, November 15, 2010

A Peripheral Thugthezzo’s Respect

A deep rotted thuggish mentality. A swag of disobedience and incivility. A gangsta morality. A quite desperation of acknowledgment, and a loud grind of shady originality. A kill or be killed mind set; get rich or die tryin’ attitude. A lack of misunderstanding. A lack of misjudgment. A careless crude of honor. Doing is simply understanding. Only one unwritten rule of peripheral thugthezzo... Give respect or take it!

“Aye dog, pass dat shit here cuz! El pinche puto es un vato loco! Nah nikka, it ain’t like dat!”

Diverse tongues of slang. Communicated on streets of hustle, grind, and paper. Or better yet, communicated on civilizations of poverty, crime, and survival. The by-product of a faulty liberal system. Carl Jung’s theory of analytical psychology, seen in the streets of humanity. Gangs, drugs, and corrupted organizations hammering weakness in a so-called civilized society.

Children admiring their peers, their familia. Young vatos, crips, bloods, taggers, and bangers, simplifying a principle of monkey see, monkey do. Trying to survive in a system which is designed to fail. A system tainting immorality. A system built on frustration. Laws, rules, and regulations mean nothing in the words of peripheral thugthezzo. Criminal rehabilitation is a bad joke. Justice is injustice. Laws are ridiculous banter. Corruption trying to control corruption.

In such a system is disrespect. A Peripheral Thug’s number one rule broken. And... when there is no respect given... Respect will be taken.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Can the mirror lie? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Stare for a minute, what do you see? I guarantee, what you feel, is what you’ll see.

The mirror reflects the mind. The mind, can be so blind.

The mirror can never extol... beauty within the soul.

Beautiful Poisonous Flowers

Their luring nature, enticing your attention. Their colors attracting you, tempting you. Curvatures of a Goddess. Their scent stimulating arousal. Lost in their aroma. Lost under their spell. Your senses are hazy. Logic is thrown to the wind. Your soul floats, a wondrous path.

Sexy seducing flowers. Vines pulsing with a poisonous nectar. Roots caressing the soil beneath. Petals awaiting to be brushed. Such a work of art. Such a master piece. Whispering over to you... “smell me, touch me, love me.”

Persuasive signals. Persuasive callings. Persuasive vibes. Patiently alluring. Patiently preying. Patiently teasing. Scenting you. Feeling you. Wanting you. Needing you.

Victimizing dangerous powers for beautiful poisonous flowers.