Monday, November 1, 2010

Beautiful Poisonous Flowers

Their luring nature, enticing your attention. Their colors attracting you, tempting you. Curvatures of a Goddess. Their scent stimulating arousal. Lost in their aroma. Lost under their spell. Your senses are hazy. Logic is thrown to the wind. Your soul floats, a wondrous path.

Sexy seducing flowers. Vines pulsing with a poisonous nectar. Roots caressing the soil beneath. Petals awaiting to be brushed. Such a work of art. Such a master piece. Whispering over to you... “smell me, touch me, love me.”

Persuasive signals. Persuasive callings. Persuasive vibes. Patiently alluring. Patiently preying. Patiently teasing. Scenting you. Feeling you. Wanting you. Needing you.

Victimizing dangerous powers for beautiful poisonous flowers.


  1. "He's quite prepared to mingle
    Comes on like he's single
    He's the man who loves women
    And falling in love's just his way
    One of these days he's gonna pay
    For falling in love every day"
    - Tom Petty

  2. Wow Grace... I love that poem... it's sick! :)

  3. "Victimizing dangerous powers for beautiful poisonous flowers."

    Absolutely stunning!

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