Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kissing Lips

Gazing into a pucker of red passion. Lips entwined, overlapping one another, lost in intense cupidity. No right nor wrong exchange or commitment. Only caught in a moment of overwhelming desire. Chemically reacted to create a new universe, a new dimensional world forming.

Rather the kiss is eloquent, soft, or sweet. Rather the kiss is dynamic, hard, or passionate. Rather the kiss brings your life joy, or another’s misery. The kiss is powerful beyond measure. Great jubilation. Great exasperation. A form of expression. A form of love. A form vengeance. A form of wonder.

Body language, voluntarily muscles contracting and retracting in a beautiful rhythm of waves. Mind on ecstasy. Nervous system, calm as can be. Heart rate steadily increasing. Respiratory system on stand-by. If you would only stop to listen, a complete silence is heard. Nothing else matters, but the moment in hand. If you focus your attention on your fingers for a moment, you’ll notice they move in the same rhythmic pattern as your lips.

Closing of the eyes, fixes nothing. Closed them. Keep them shut as much as possible. Light of the lips glow through. Soon enough, your entire body dances as one. For a moment in your life, everything makes sense. Everything becomes clear. Everything is evident. Embrace this. Cherish this. Nothing is more tender. A fondled treasure of kissing lips.


  1. You are something with your words...I happen to have a peom you've written that isn't posted here for all to rellish in. I of course have titled it "Flirt".

  2. Nice read! Thank you for sharing.. :)

  3. Wonderful writing and thanks a lot sharing it...

  4. can i get any chance for kiss our there plz

  5. I'm Roy... the author of this blog... I lost access to my own account and I can seem to get in touch with anyway, I don't care to write blogs anymore... I wrote my ebook Read of You...