Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eye's Journey to Tear

A numbing feeling, lost in a mystical mist. No hands to wand, to fan, or clear Eye’s sight. An anesthetic dosage of delusion. Sense is nothing more than an Eye. Thoughts begin assimilating thoughts, and there Eye sees.

Tears flow, unable to blink. An aching stink of truth eradicating the Eye’s pathetic vision of knowledge, wisdom, and reality. Truth is like non you’ve ever seen. The Eye tears only for what the Eye feels.

In the Eye... Creation, evolution, and extinction are juggled in the hands of the Fool. Emotions are a game of marbles. Love and hate are stripes spiraling down the same candy cane. Virtues and vices are a mere window. Impermanence itself is deteriorating. Death intercepts Life, as Life fumbles Death. Everything is imperfectly perfect. The Eye is truth coated with deceit.

Everything entwines. Light is absent. Blinded by darkness. Pupil dilates. A state of emptiness. A state of perplexity. Awareness taunted by fear. Fear lost by seduction. Seduction desperate for attention. Attention arousing awareness, in an despicable orgy of Eye’s passion.

Rather the Eye is tremendously happy or sad, the Eye’s journey is to tear.

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