Friday, October 29, 2010

The Library

Standing in the middle of a library. Surrounding by knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. What to read? What to study? Diverse genres of literature. Teachings of love: The Bible, The Qur’an, The Tao Te Ching, The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, The Book of Mormon and Metaphysics. Teachings of discrimination: Government Propaganda, Avaricious Societies, and Linear Systems of Consumerism. Teachings of meaning: Existentialism, Nihilism, Instinctivism, and Darwinism. A perpetual list of conversion.

Standing there, brain overloaded with confusion. An ineffable feeling of the unfamiliar. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Something feels wrong. Knowledge does not seem to be knowledge at all. It’s as if, knowledge has been manipulated (or mutated) in favor of whom ever chooses to give it. Nothing feels real, my mind spaces in empty corners of new thought provoking idealism. What should I do? Should I choose something? Should I walk away? Should I question how these thoughts were created? Do people think this way? Is it just me? Is it you?

I grow nervously, hands began trembling. I lose sight of who I am, what I am... why I am. My peripheral vision captures photogenic copies of people, yet I can not sense them. Reality tells me they are there, but mentalism swallows reality’s roots. I’m lost, deep in thought. Perception becomes illusionary. Fantasy weaving force. Science seems shattered with a potent thought. Omnifarious wisdom crushing my pathetic and arrogant knowledge. As if I’m shedding an old shell, moving into another. Strange. Bizarre. Mystifying. Can you feel it?

Consciousness eases my mind. Checkpoint. I’m back. “What was that?” I asked myself. I don’t know. I walk out the library, questioning why did I walk-in, in the first place. This is not the first time for me. For whatever reason, it’s a continuous pattern of recedivious gasps. As if, knowledge itself was trying to tell me something. As I look over my shoulder one last time, I notice the library is not what it seems.


  1. Forget about all the things even the most intelligent men have published it is all just speculation . Jesus is the way . Jesus died for ALL your sin .his burial was proof and he rose to give you life .

    There is nothing you can do to make yourself any more accepeted by god than you already are . Its all what he did and none of what we do .

    google the exchanged life to learn more .

  2. You like words. Libraries have lot of words. Maybe that's why you go.

  3. Hey there Anonymous,

    Jesus is a meme that needs to be swept away by the upcoming Aquarian current. Enough is enough with this elitist dogma. It's hate based and there's ifs,ands,or butts about it.

  4. lol @Michael

    Jesus keeps coming on my blog... I feel blessed. :)

  5. The Jesus you and Suelo admire is the same Jesus I admire. Fundementalism promotes an angry and cruel god that burns people of other religions. This is evil beyond mere words.

  6. I'm Roy... the author of this blog... I lost access to my own account and I can seem to get in touch with anyway, I don't care to write blogs anymore... I wrote my ebook Read of You...